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Secure and simplify the management of your Boards

BoardiGO provides digital solutions to Boards, allowing them to operate at maximum efficiency, supported by the highest levels of trust, digital and legal security. The software uses the latest cryptography and technology.

Smarter, More Productive and More Efficient Board Processes

BoardiGO aims to make corporate governance effectively simple, secure, and transparent for all stakeholders, board members and corporate secretaries. BoardiGO can reduce inefficiencies in the administrative side of governance by digitizing existing processes with specific features that contribute to streamlining the management of Board meetings.

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Boosting board productivity

Fully Digital

Digitize your Board with a web and mobile application: real-time collaboration and easy-to-use interface for Corporate Secretaries & Board members.


Let our dashboard help you to stay organized by displaying all Board tasks at a glance.

Legal compliance

Get insurance against litigations and audits that go awry: record, track and trace all meetings, signatures and votes over a 5 year period.


Reduce your costs with an all-inclusive pricing which guarantees the savings.


Tailor your organization workflow and set your own rules to fit your needs, and brand your board documents with your company logo.

Before meetings


Automate the pre-meeting process to guarantee the timely distribution of information: scheduling poll, document request and board pack creation.


Synchronize Boardigo's agenda with your calendar to remain on top of upcoming Boards.


Save time on setup by creating templates and choosing among our pre-set voting rules. Or create your own.

Guest Control

Invite and manage internal and external guests before and during meetings.

During meetings


Lead your meeting as you wish: fully digital with video conference included or hybrid mode using only the workflow management.


Let board members and corporate secretaries write their comments directly on the app for the record and the minutes will automatically be generated once a meeting is adjourned. Or simply refer to the comments as you draft your own version.


Vote/sign as you go with your biometrics (eIDAS-compliant) without sequencing or format limitations. Users of mobile phones lacking biometric features will receive an SMS to confirm their identity.


Organize meetings or circulations by using both synchronous and asynchronous decision-making processes.

After meetings

Minutes Builder

Distribute the minutes directly to the attendees for their signatures right after the meeting by using our minutes automation tool or at a later date if you draft the minutes yourself.


Use the search bar and retrieve all the needed information – safely stored – for the audit trail.

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