Sharpen your governance by
decreasing your costs and securing your legality

Digitise & automate

Move all Board activities online
(from board pack to board room).
Gain time and efficiency with our automated features (common date finding, minutes production, …)

Keep it all safe

Highly secured electronic signature gear and Cryptographic technology

Save money

From travel time and costs to the task of arranging meetings, save time and money by navigating seamlessly with our web and mobile app

has it all
Market Expectations *

Certified security

Authenticated and secure onboarding

Ergonomic design for ease of use

Electronic legally binding signing and voting

Immutable storage and record keeping of all votes and electronically signed documents

Board document annotation

Eliminate paper

More productive Board meetings

Simplify organisation and management

Simple document search functions

Low-cost solution

*Based on market research (Industry reports Daedal 2020) and market feedback
Set up an organization and its rules in minutes

Define admin and members roles

Define voting and signing rules

Build a template libraries to streamline meetings, resolutions and Board arrangements

Book and Attend meeting

Meeting scheduling pool - Find the best time for everybody

Upload & request documents

Full video conference features

Produce and sign minutes

Use a round-robin to initiate signature or voting items

Choose any type of document from outside or within the app

Add a legally binding signature by any user you select

Switch seamlessly between the web and mobile apps at your convenience

Choose our round-robin functionality to share a document that requires a signature or a vote that needs to be taken.
Boardigo’s Signature Gear

We have developed a proprietary light, yet highly secured, signature gear* by using the latest asymmetric cryptography. We named it IgniSign.

IgniSign uses biometric authentication and can handle ALL electronic formats “on the go”: PDF, XLS, JPG, lines of code, smart contracts, blockchain transactions, etc.

IgniSign is already an Advanced Electronic Signature and plans to be a Qualified one in the near future. As a result, it could be used as evidence in any legal challenge.

In addition IgniSign ‘s lightness decreases the cost of securing business.

*Patent pending

We'll take care of your governance load with:
Cutting-edge technology
  • Our proprietary online signing / voting gear uses the latest cryptographic technology (patent pending).
  • Our qualified onboarding creates an unbreakable cryptographic link between users, their phone and their identity
Strong credentials
  • BoardiGO’s votes and signatures are eIDAS compliant, therefore guaranteeing the equivalence of the digital actions with physical ones.
  • BoardiGO is also GDPR compliant and all your data is securely stored with Microsoft Azure. With BoardiGO, you tick all the security boxes your business requires.